Junior Estate Agent apprenticeship (london)

Estate agents play a significant role in helping people with the search and purchase of a dream property. This is why learning at the workplace is so important to gain the essential skills to become an excellent property salesperson.

Apprenticeships for estate agents allow individuals to get this valuable experience along with earning a living for their work.

Estate agent apprenticeship overview

Junior estate agent apprentices will work a customer facing role to provide administrative support to the sales team.

Estate agent apprentices will work towards their Level 2 Junior Estate Agent qualification. A qualification will provide them with the essential knowledge and skills to operate as professional estate agents.

Career path and progression – Estate agent apprenticeships

After an apprentice finishes their apprenticeship, they will have the knowledge and experience to become a full-time sales negotiator.

With a good track record and a decent amount of experience, then they will have the opportunity to be promoted to senior negotiator and then branch manager.

Why hire a real estate apprentice?

Apprentices are a great addition to any company looking to bring in fresh talent.

Not only are the apprentices eager and willing to further develop their career with a company, but training is also fully funded by the government.

In fact, many companies do not even know they are paying into an apprenticeship levy pot. As a result, many companies are not taking advantage of the funds, so let us help you make sure no money is wasted.

Essential skills for Junior Estate Agents

Customer care: Be aware and attentive to customer needs.

Time management: Be organised and flexible so all tasks and decisions are made within set timeframes.

Communication: Manage relationships with all customers to a professional level through both in-person and telephonic interactions.

Administration: Use a range of skills from digital to pen and paper to update and manage company files and records.

Adaptability: Be prepared to professionally face and deal with fast and new situations and opportunities.


How do I become a real estate apprentice?

You need to have passed English & Maths at GCSE level or equivalent to become a real estate apprentice.

Not got the grades? No problem, we have free training courses for functional skills you can complete at your own pace.

Can I become an estate agent at 16?

The age requirement for an estate agent apprenticeship starts from 16. Therefore, if you are fresh out of secondary/high school, then you should apply for an apprenticeship now!

However, if you feel like you do not have the skills or confidence to start an apprenticeship, then you can do a Traineeship with us.

Can you get an estate agent apprenticeship without experience?

Yes! The reason apprenticeships were created by the government is to help people get the necessary experience to start a professional career.

Although, some employers do look for relevant experience and transferrable skills.

How long do you need to study to become an Estate Agent?

The course will take between 12-18 months to complete an Estate Agent Apprenticeship.

You will work 4 of the 5 workdays, and you will study towards an estate agent level 2 qualification for 1 day of the week.

For further information, please check out our estate agent course fact sheet.

Who pays for Apprenticeship Training?

All training is paid for by the government, so neither the candidate nor employer (unless company revenue over £3 million) will have to pay.

Ready about the apprenticeship levy here.