Our Traineeship Programme

A Traineeship is a skills development programme with a work placement to prepare learners for an apprenticeship. It can last from 6 weeks up to 1 year, though most of our traineeships only last less than 6 months.

Traineeships are a great way to build up confidence, improve CV writing skills, gain interview preparation skills, and develop teamwork skills. This will give learners the essential skills and knowledge every employer expects and sets learners up for success.

Are you eligible?

The programme is fully-funded for 16-24-year-olds (and 25+ year-olds with an Education, Health, and Care Plan) to gain employability skills and valuable sector-based work experience.

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Our Traineeships

Customer Service

A customer service course is perfect for someone who likes to deal with people on a regular basis. This course will help you find jobs as a customer support assistant, receptionist, shop assistant, customer service kiosk assistant, etc.

office admin typing on her keyboard

Business Administrator roles vary based on your experience and skillset. You can start as an office administrator, administrative support or a receptionist and progress to an Executive Assistant, Office Manager, and more.

IT Support

Start a new career in IT by learning the essential knowledge and skills required to work as an IT help desk technician or first-line support. Fast track your IT journey with our practical and interactive lessons.

What to expect from a Traineeship

Expand skills & knowledge

Gain a competitive edge over other applicants with skills that prove you have what it takes to be a valuable employee. We will help you develop the most in-demand and sought after skills from employers so you stand out from the crowd.

Math & English support

Math and English are essential skills required to thrive in the job market. We will help you earn your Level 2 functional skills qualifications to enhance your job prospects, long-term career progression, and your earning potential.

Work experience

You will work alongside and learn from your colleagues at your placement company. You are guaranteed an exit interview with your mentor at the end of the programme who will provide a great reference for future job applications.

CV support

Our CV support team will teach you how to write a professional CV selling your skills, achievements and experience to help you land very competitive apprenticeships and job positions.

Course Length

This is a short-term opportunity, which lasts between six weeks to six months. It is a great opportunity to get a high-quality work placement with flexible training. To start a Traineeship you need to be aged 16-24, unemployed or working less than 16 hours a week.

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Is a traineeship a qualification?

A traineeships is not a qualification, but you will earn a level 2 qualification in your chosen field with work experience at on of our host companies.

What are the benefits of a traineeship?

You will have a clear path to get straight into work by getting valuable work experience, practical skills and qualifications that will help you start your desired career.

What is the difference between traineeship and apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships last more than a year and you will be working towards a Level 3+ qualification, whereas Traineeships last less than a year and you will receive a level 2 qualification.

Traineeships are a great method to prepare you with the necessary skills to thrive when you start an apprenticeship.

Are Traineeships paid?

Traineeships are unpaid however most employers will cover the cost of your lunch and travel for the entire duration of the programme.

Can I claim benefits on a Traineeship?

Yes, you can claim universal credit during your Traineeship.