Looking To Hire An Apprentice

Hire new and young talent

Taking on a new apprentice is a great way for your business to expand its workforce without breaking the bank. It is a much safer investment to take on and train a new apprentice than employ a new full-time salary junior.

Fully government-funded

No additional costs will be incurred to onboard a new apprentice. However, if you are company has a revenue over £3 million, then you have to pay 0.5% of your total revenue into the apprenticeship levy pot even if you do not have an apprentice. Your business can use the use the money from apprenticeship levy pot to use apprenticeships as the main form of up-skilling current talent.

Apprentices will provide value to your company

The drive and motivation of apprentices will make your company happy it hired one. Not only will apprentices work hard to learn important skills at your company, but they will also work towards qualifications relevant to your company.
As a result, you will have an individual who will have both the job skills and education to be an extremely valuable member of your team.

Claim £1000 government grant

If you take on an apprentice between the ages of 16-18, your company will be eligible for a £1000 grant from the government. You can use this grant for any of your business needs but is also a good sum of money to help you accommodate a new apprentice at your company.

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