Looking to hire an apprentice?

We work closely with employers from small to medium-sized businesses to ensure all our training programmes match each individual’s own goal.

Whether employers are looking to recruit and train new apprentices or develop the skills of existing staff, we have the apprenticeship training your company needs.

Why Choose NextStep Training?

Finding the right candidate for a job is time-consuming and difficult for any company.

Here at NextStep, we have many candidates who are already semi-skilled and are motivated to further their careers. Our recruitment team will ensure you have a broad selection of suitable candidates to choose from.

NextStep training will help your business find and place your next best hire.

Apprenticeship Enrolment Process For Non-Levy employers Or in receipt of a Levy Transfer

To successfully enrol an apprenticeship candidate at a non-levy paying employer, or at an employer who is in receipt of a levy transfer, both the Employer Onboarding Process and Learner Onboarding Process will need to be completed in full.

Employer Onboarding Process

Stage 1: Initial Enquiry

Stage 2: Employer Suitability & Set Up Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS) Account

All employers wishing to enrol an apprentice will need to set up a DAS account, if not already done so. For details around how to set this up, please click this link. 


There are employer an suitability forms to complete during this stage which should take approximately 60 minutes to complete in total. If the apprentice requires a placement, additional time should be factored in to complete the placement agreement.

Stage 3: Suitability Review by NextStep Training 

NextStep Training will aim to review the submissions of forms or documentation within 3 working days and move the enrolment onto the next stage of the process or make contact in this time, if further information is required.

Stage 4: Recruitment (if applicable or offered)

NextStep Training can assist you in using the official government service for posting and managing apprenticeships vacancies called Recruit an apprentice. Adverts must be live on this website for a minimum of 16 days, so with time taken to interview and select your chosen candidates, this stage can take 4 weeks.

Stage 5: Written Agreement  

The employer will need to read and sign this written agreement for services.

What Documents Do We Need to Submit?

During the enrolment process, the employer and learner will need to have certain documentation ready to submit to NextStep Training, in addition to answering the questions within the online forms themselves.


  • Employers Liability Insurance certificate (please note that this is different from a Public Liability and Indemnity Insurance certificate)
  • A screenshot of your organisation’s Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS) account, confirming a funding reservation or funding permissions have been granted (details on how to do this will be provided in the process)
  • Placement form (if required)


  • Proof of identity and right to work in the UK (such as a passport)
  • Proof of address (such as driving licence or recent utility bill)
  • Evidence of prior qualifications in maths, English, science and sector specific qualifications (such as GCSE certificates)
  • Proof of name change (if applicable)

All of the services above are provided free of charge as part of the Apprenticeship service we provide.

Our Approach

Identify your needs

We will work closely with you to ensure we completely understand the type of qualities and qualifications you are looking for in a candidate.

Screen candidates

Our recruitment team will select from the pool of dedicated learners we have following your job requirements and person specification.


The candidates who made it to the final stage will be sent for an interview at your company so you can assess their suitability for the role and your company culture.

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