Ready to kickstart your dream career?

Next Step Training offers a range of programmes to help help improve your workplace skills and employability all for free, funded by the government.

Become an apprentice or trainee

Apprenticeships & Traineeships are great ways to further develop your skills and gain valuable work experience in your chosen sector.

You will work and be paid for 4 days of the week during an apprenticeship and you will work towards your qualification with us for 1 day of the week.

As for traineeships, you will work at a host company for a period of time learning sector specific knowledge and acquiring skills for a salaried full-time job.

Not got your functional skills?

That is not a problem, you can get your English & Maths GCSEs at your own pace with us. Then you will be eligible for an apprenticeship, and we will help place you at a suiting host company.


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